The Tiny Yellow Land Snail and Shell

If you need more reasons than the obvious to grow vegetables organically, take a close look at the dirt in the garden bed.  As I was out taking photos of the numerous mushrooms growing all over the garden, I saw an interesting, elongated shell.  It looked like a mini version of the auger seashells I’ve found.  I picked it up and got a photo, of what I thought was a shell only.

tiny shell found in the garden
Shell found in the garden

I took the photo and put the shell back into the dirt. As I was photographing the mushrooms, I noticed that a bright yellow – chartreuse really – snail had come out of the shell and was moving around.  He was so cute and unique that I tried to get some good pictures to show how tiny he / she was.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a land snail with a shell like this one.

Although I searched the internet for a similar snail, I found none.  He is a mystery.  I keep thinking of my neighbors who cover their garden with black plastic in summer to kill all the nematodes.   I wonder if they think about all the other little critters they may be killing.
yellow garden snail

If you just love snails, and want to know more about them, read this page full of info at the Welcome Wildlife site called, “All About Land Snails“.

And if you love seashells, please visit my blog where I photograph and write about the seashells I collect in my part of Florida.  I am much more familiar with sea snails!

seashell blog
Shells I found while beach-combing from our boat on the ICW in Florida
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