Potato Comparison – Why We Love to Eat Home Grown Vegetables.

Short and sweet, this photo compares a fresh dug red potato to one from the grocery store.

garden potato
Which red potato is fresh from the garden?

For some reason I am having a lot of trouble growing summer (yellow) squash here in Florida. Maybe it’s too hot, too humid, or something else. But I have had 2 small squash, and they were the sweetest, most delicious squash I ever ate.

Everything fresh from the backyard garden tastes a hundred times better than the bland, old stuff from the grocery store. I just had to take that potato photo when I saw the beautiful bright red color of my fresh-dug potatoes. Unfortunately most of them were really small because worms ate the potato leaves, so I dug them up early.

Potatoes are easy to grow if you have the space to grow them.  Unfortunately I do not.

Garden Vegetables I Enjoyed This Summer

garden vegetables and herbs
Fresh Pickin’s From The Garden

(My New Hampshire garden.)

Throughout the summer my garden produced some delicious vegetables and herbs for my family to enjoy. I have been picking basil for months, and now that it’s October, I can still go out and grab a handful. This year I used the flowers from my zucchini in some stir fry and omelets.  I found a recipe for stuffed squash flowers, but never had the time to try it.

I mostly grow radishes for fun, as they are not one of my favorite things to eat, and the peas were not very abundant so I ate them raw in salads.

Parsley is one of the best new plants that I enjoy all summer and it’s good for my kidneys too, so I eat it as much as I can.  Even now, it’s still sending off stalks for me to use, but I know the deer will be munching on it soon.

I even bought a dehydrator and dried some parsley and basil.  The basil took forever, but I may try some more parsley before it’s gone.  My local organic grocer has fresh parsley available year round, so I won’t have to do without.

Summer is a busy time.  Between getting the gardens ready to plant, weeding and picking and cooking, there is not enough time in my day for blogging.  Things are calming down, and all the pictures I have been taking for the past four months will now be added to my blogs.

I hope your gardening kept you busy this summer too, eating good, fresh food and enjoying beautiful flowers.