A Customer Favorite: Blue Moon

"Blue Moon"

I want to say right off that the name “Blue Moon” is not the name of this particular hydrangea flower, so don’t run off trying to find the blue moon variety. It’s a name I gave the design line in my BlueHyd shop that uses this image.

With a store full of hydrangeas, I had to come up with creative names for my flowers to differentiate as they could not all simply be called blue hydrangeas. With a wedding line of blue flowers that are all unique, this big, round blossom reminded me of the moon, and hence the name.

The dark blue hydrangea is a big time favorite, but this one is also a popular choice for the brides who are planning a summer or hydrangea themed wedding. Light blue is always a nice color – so very calming and pretty – and it looks great on any of our specialty papers.

Because of it’s round shape, the Blue Moon flower looks great on everything, and I’m glad I snapped this photo a few years ago to keep this pretty flower preserved forever on paper. All I did was remove the background and that gave me lots more options for designing.

If you want to see how I do that, then read my page: Create a Transparent Background – I use a free program called Paint.net.

Pictures Make a Reader Happy

Image via Wikipedia

Going a bit off the subject of hydrangeas for a minute, I want to do a post about writing.

If you blog, but don’t take the time to add a picture to your post, you will most likely lose the reader right off the bat.  The photo is what grabs the reader and makes them want to find out more.  I will admit that I am not the best photographer in the world, but I love to take photos.  And some of them have made their way into my blog posts.  In fact, I used to exclusively use my own photos and then WordPress added the Zemanta thingy which I have found to be awesome.  I love WP and still have 2 blogs at blogspot, but they make me mad.  I still have trouble figuring out what’s what over there.

If you don’t take great photos and want to add pictures to your blog, make sure you have Zemanta at WordPress.   If your blog is not with WP, then I suggest you get over here!

Zemanta offers a gallery of pictures that correspond with the topic on your blog.  You can choose between many options and decide which one will work best to grab your reader.

Also you can choose links to add to the bottom of your post which relate to the subject.  It’s so simple – just click on a couple that look good and they are added to the bottom of your post.

Check out the image I’ve added here of Zemanta, using Zemanta as an example.

With WordPress there is no excuse for not using a picture to grab your readers, unless you write about something very unique.  The only time I have trouble finding an image to add, on any of my 5 blogs, is on my seashell blog since most people don’t know the names of the shells they take pictures of, so I can’t find specific seashells.

She Liked My Hydrangea Pictures!

blue hydrangea photo
Blue Hydrangea photography by P. Carter @ Hydrangeasblue.com
If you have spent any time uploading photos and artwork on the internet, whether for pleasure or work, you have probably run into unscrupulous people who grab your images to use on their own sites.

Sometimes they only want the image to draw readers, because the image is a good one, or related to the writing. I don’t have a problem with that if the writer asks permission or at least links the image back to me. I’ve had a few people contact me to ask to use my hydrangea photos. And I’ve had others simply take the images – usually with links back, but sometimes not.

WordPress offers a “reblog” option where someone can re-blog the entire post from one blog to their own. It can be turned off by the blogger. I have re-blogged from others, but I always ask permission first. Even without permission, it’s a good thing to have your blogpost show elsewhere to further readership, IMO.

The use of images is what bothers me. I’m a designer for an online print-on-demand site and I’ve had my design images stolen and then put up for sale at Amazon by downright dirty rotten thieves. They know what they are doing and they steal from lots of people to make a quick buck. The owner of the artwork must then spend lots of time filing notices to get their stolen property removed. And that doesn’t always work either. I’m betting that I will still find lots of my images for sale on Amazon. I get tired of looking.

Some internet users are simply ignorant of the ways of using images. Pinterest tends to have beautiful images with no links, but that is not the only place.

Bottom line is photos, illustrations, pictures in whatever form, came from someone. Give credit where credit is due. When you see something you like online, make sure it is free to use for yourself. Contact the owner if possible, or better yet find free to use images at sites like Pixabay, where all images are safe to download and share.

Do you like my hydrangea photos? Please do what is right.