Growing a Meyer Lemon Tree

meyer lemon tree flowers
Buds on Meyer Lemon tree

Although my new yard is fairly small, there is a lot of sunny space out front.  I planned to plant a row of Florida citrus trees out there, but now I have some questions about growing citrus trees.

I bought a Meyer Lemon tree and a Lime Tree from Pells a few weeks ago.  The lemon is planted in the ground out front, and the lime is in a pot on the patio out back.

The lemon tree has pretty, purple buds on it, but it’s December – almost January – and I don’t think this is the time of year it should be getting flowers… but I don’t know.

I did find a Meyer Lemon tree growing article at the Fast Growing Trees site.  Between the information in the article about watering, fertilizer, pollination, and light needs, the comments from people trying to grow these trees also adds good info.

In the ground 3 weeks

My question is “Can I plant other citrus near my lemon tree?”  What if I put a lime next to a lemon?  Will the fruit end up tasting like a combination of the two?

I also wonder if it’s too early in the season for flowers to be forming on the tree.  We could have frosts and freezes in the months coming.  I thought that citrus began to bloom in Spring.

UPDATE: The staff at the “Fast Growing Trees” site have answered my questions.  Trees that have been growing in containers may take time to acclimate to being in the ground.  He said it is early for the tree to be blooming, but the tree will eventually figure it out.  

Also… it’s fine to plant citrus trees near each other.  It will help with pollination!  Thank you!  I can’t seem to figure out how I signed into that site so I can say thanks.

I’m new at this, but I live in a location where it should be easy to grow all kinds of fruit.  I know that I can cut the top off pineapples and stick them into the ground to grow.  It takes a couple of years before a little pineapple begins to grow out of the top, but it can be done.  I used to grow them when I lived here before.

pineapple welcome sign
Welcome address custom tile with pineapples and tropical flowers.

So I have posted my question with the above-mentioned site.  I’m always up for learning new things, and gardening of all kinds in Florida is something I must now learn.