June Hydrangeas – Buds Are Forming

hydrangea bud
Bud on Endless Summer – Will Be Blue

It’s the beginning of June and the hydrangea buds are beginning to form on my mophead varieties. The paniculatas are full of leaves, but no buds yet. Last year this plant had very pretty, light blue flowers which I used to create some nice wedding stationery in the design set I named “Blue Heaven“. You can see the RSVP postcard below. I hope the flowers will be just as pretty this year, but the truth is, you never know for sure what color blooms the macrophyllas will have.

Last year the Blushing Bride began with white flowers that ended up turning green. I am wondering what color they will be this summer.

Brides tend to prefer either the blue flowers or the light green of the panicled (or elongated) flowers like the ones that grow on the Limelight bush.

Blue Heaven Hydrangea Wedding Reply Postcard

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