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The Mothers Day Post You May Not Like

Well, here we are, another holiday to celebrate. Mother’s Day is upon us and it falls on a Sunday… oh yes, it always falls on a Sunday. Maybe that is so mothers everywhere can have a day of rest. Nope, that’s not it. I have four children, but Mothers Day has never been much different […]

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Mother’s Day Blues

Or should I say, blue for Mother’s Day. It’s sunny and bright and beautiful for Mother’s Day here in New Hampshire, and I don’t have the blues, just pictures of blue flowers. There are no hydrangea flowers in the yard yet, so I’ve gone into my massive archive (haha) and pulled out a favorite photo […]

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Blue Hydrangeas (Card) For Mom This Mother’s Day

I was shopping at the local farm stand, which had just opened the week before, and asked about hydrangeas. Yes, we get them in right before Mother’s Day, I was told. And yes, they were the hardy, plant outdoors, kind. I imagine they will be costly. Hydrangeas usually are expensive and hard to find too. […]

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