Who Spends Spring Cleaning the House?

painting cleaningWhen I lived in Florida I wondered why there was such a thing as spring cleaning. Why wait until spring? Of course I could go outside almost any day of the year in Florida. Dumping the dirty water from cleaning the floors, or rinsing the paint brush was simple. Turn on the hose and your done.

Then I lived in the north. I was born in Massachusetts, so I knew all about winter, but I had never owned my own home while living there. I lived in apartments and had less to do. There was no grass to mow or gardens to tend. My tiny apartment was quick and easy to clean.

Now that I have a home of my own, I know why spring is the season to clean. The garden hoses are stored in the basement for the winter. Everything is cold and frozen and there is no way to go outside and rinse anything. Washing windows is not advisable when they are icy cold. The garage can’t be swept out.

Painting the walls must also wait until the weather allows for opening windows. I started painting a couple of months ago – it’s slow going. But the woman who sold me my paint said that they were running out of paint because so many people were buying it! I wasn’t the only one waiting for spring to begin the chore of painting my walls.clean living room

Once the snow began to melt, it was as if we suddenly came alive. As if we’ve all been living in a cave for five months and were suddenly released into the world. That’s how spring in New Hampshire makes me feel. It’s a time when we can go outdoors and survey the yard and clean up the winter mess.

The warmer weather and sunny skies bring people back to life just as it does the trees, grass and plants. It also brings the bugs out, and that’s another good reason to stay inside to clean. May brings the black flies to my area, and they are the most annoying bugs I’ve ever encountered. And I’m from Florida where the mosquitoes, roaches, fire ants, spiders and such, thrive!

I’ve come to realize why Spring is the time to clean, both inside and outdoors. It’s a big job for me that lasts well into summer. I used to look at winter as a time for rest, but after last year’s snow storms (2014-2015) I know better.

Before I know it the summer will be over, but at least my house will be clean.

Now It’s Time to Rest

empty lawn chairs
Time to Rest

This past year has been one of the worst ever for me. That is mostly due to lack of finances and unexpected big bills. After a busy season, now it’s time to rest. My fingers are crossed for a restful and productive (business-wise) winter.

All summer I worked in the yard, planting and digging and enjoying the crops. My tomatoes were a huge disappointment, but everything else did quite well. I kept very busy working online all morning, and working in the yard for a few hours in the afternoon. We had a wonderful summer, and beautiful fall here in the northeast so the weather was usually cooperative.

We were graced with a spectacularly warm and sunny day just this week – in mid November! It was in the 60’s and I was raking leaves in a t-shirt! I didn’t work online that day, but spent all of it outdoors. I didn’t want to miss a moment of it. Even though my back was telling me I had done enough, I still had gutters to clean out and mulching to do, so I pushed myself more than I should have.

I dug up some parsley and mint to bring inside for the winter because they both still looked so darn good. I used the blower and rake and wheelbarrow to remove the masses of leaves that were everywhere, even though I had raked numerous times already. I paid for it with lots of aches the next day, but I was satisfied with my efforts.
Bring on the snow!

I took pictures on that bizarre summer-like day and will be using them as soon as I get the chance to load them to the photo library. My single blue hydrangea flower is beginning to dry out.  It never turned purple like last year.   All the limelight blooms are gone by, but they would make a nice dried bouquet for indoors, if I didn’t have a cat that would “play” with them.  I will trim up those plants soon so the snow won’t break the stems.

I’m ready for that rest.

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