This Year We Get The Flowers

blue hydrangea flower
The Propagated Shrub is Showing New Blooms

Recently our weather in the northeast has improved greatly. After a very rainy and quite cold June, July is off to a much better start and the hydrangeas love it.

Here are my latest photos of the hydrangea plant I propagated in 2009. It’s doing great and I’ve been waiting for the buds to pop open so I can see what color they will be. Sometimes the soil difference will cause the flowers to change color, but in this case the blooms are blue, just like the parent plant it came from.

If you have a favorite hydrangea shrub, or know of someone who has some beauties growing in their yard, try your hand at propagating (starting one plant from another) yourself. I’ve only done the root layering method and actually it had already rooted for me on it’s own, but taking leaf cuttings is another way to do this and the Nantucket Hydrangea site has a useful section on how to start plants from leaf cuttings.

Below is another photo of this same bush in growing year #2.

hydrangea shrub with blooms
New Shrub - Full of Flowers

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