Rustic Wood Hydrangea Birthday Party

blue hydrangea invitations
This paper is 4×9 inches.

I’m on vacation and have not been able to find time to write, but want to keep this blog from becoming too stale. I have been working, and this is one of the new birthday party invitations created in the BlueHyd store. The hydrangea is a photo of my Endless Summer bloom from last year. I’ve been away from my yard for a couple of weeks and when I return I hope to see many buds on my hydrangeas. I count on them to get more photos to use over the winter when I am creating stationery and products. A big reason I love hydrangeas is the long living flowers.
This pretty, light blue flower pairs well with the dark wood background. The rustic look is quite popular and I hope to sell bunches of party invitations. With the customization option, this invitation can be used for almost any type of event. My sample text is for a woman who is turning 30, but it could serve as a wedding announcement, vow renewal invitation or even a thank you card.

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The Most Popular Item in My BlueHyd Store

light blue floral postage
Invitation Postage With Light Blue Hydrangeas

Ever since I’ve shut down my main blog New England’s Narrow Road (due to busyness), I have been posting everything nature oriented here.  So I can get a bit off track from the theme of hydrangeas which is what this blog is about.  Sorry about that.  But hydrangea loving people tend to be gardeners as well, so I think most readers won’t mind.

In my life I have two seasons each year.  The gardening season and the creating season.  In summer I grow the flowers that I will photograph and use to create stationery for my BlueHyd store.  All winter I spend Continue reading “The Most Popular Item in My BlueHyd Store”

Bloom Hydrangeas, Bloom !!!

My hydrangea shrubs are blooming!  The Blushing Bride is mostly white with a slight green tint.  Maybe the pink color will show up later.  That is part of the fun in growing hydrangeas – they tend to change color as they age.  They don’t bloom and die and look hideous, they bloom and gradually dry out on the stem, changing slowing day to day.

My blue hydrangea is full of light blue flowers.  It’s really pretty – even though our torrential rainstorm from a couple weeks ago flattened the stems.  The shrub itself is quite small, but it’s giving me some gorgeous photos and pretty color for the front yard.  Can’t wait to see it next year, when it should be larger and more amazing.

Still to come is the Pinky Winky, which has tiny buds just beginning.  I don’t think the Pee Gee or the Limelight (I have 2) will have flowers this year, but I am happy with what I am seeing.  The white flower on the Blushing Bride is huge – I put my glasses on it to show the size.  View my pics below.

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Light Blue Petals on a Blank Card

blue hydrangea card
Blank Inside

Special events call for special “thank you” cards.  Light blue hydrangea petals cover the front of this thank you card, from the BlueHyd shop, and can be used for any occasion. This folded card comes in two sizes: greeting card size (5x7inches) or note card size.
The popularity of hydrangeas, and especially blue hydrangeas, make this a beautiful card to send for any occasion that calls for a special word of thanks.

The inside is plain, light blue with plenty of space for writing a personal note to a bridesmaid, wedding guest or party planner. This design is part of the Blue Moon line which is very popular for it’s pretty, round, light blue flower.