Shipping From Online Growers is a Problem

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I planned to buy my Fall plants from online sources, but I am finding this to be a BIG problem.  Miller Nurseries has been a favorite of mine but they won’t ship until next Spring.  I don’t want to wait that long.  I want to get started planting my perennial gardens now.  Also the Arbor Day Foundation site has lots of what I’d like to have, but they don’t ship until November.  What’s the point?  I might have snow on the ground by then.  I just don’t get it.

I am also having lots of trouble finding hydrangeas to buy at this time of year in my area of New Hampshire.

I realize that the growing season up here is short.  I also realize that most people are done gardening by now.  But some of us aren’t and why won’t you sell to us?  I don’t want to plant my shrubs in 20 degree weather in November.  It’s not fun for me and won’t be too great for the shrubs either!

I am disappointed, but still hopeful.  I picked up a nice, dark red flowering Rhododendron at Tenney Farms today and a rust red Day Lily.  I’ll get more Rhodos for the side yard as I pass by the Farm, but they are expensive.  I could really be saving money by ordering online – if only they would ship to me!

**Update:  I have found a couple of online places (links on the sidebar) who will ship in August.


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