walking trail among tall pine trees

Walking in Fall and Finding a Tree Tunnel

When I visited New Hampshire recently, one of the first things I wanted to do was get outside and take a walk. Fortunately my daughter lives in a rural, wooded location with a walking trail nearby. We could have walked down the road to reach this trail, but we decided to take the (nonexistent) path […]

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sunny day at castle in the clouds

Had to Travel North to Find Pumpkins and Fall Air

I hadn’t been back to my old home town in New Hampshire in over a year, but recently I took a trip to New England. I expected to see some nice fall foliage, but it wasn’t anything spectacular. Probably because of the unusual heat and humidity that Hurricane Maria dragged up from the south. At […]

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sea plane fall foliage lake

Sea Plane at the Lake, Fall Photography

I took this photo of a little yellow sea plane one day as I walked along the road where I lived. The water was so flat and smooth and the plane was surrounded by color. I couldn’t resist taking this photo many years ago. The plane was usually docked at a lake house until winter […]

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Memories of April in New Hampshire

Every now and then I look back at my life in New Hampshire through the many photos I took while living there. Since Spring is upon us (in Florida it’s hard to tell) I decided to share some April photography and memories. In April the forsythia begins to bloom and the bright yellow flowers are […]

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May Brings Out the Dusty Street Sweeper

It has to be dry to sweep the streets, and the day the sweeper came by he sure kicked up a ton of dust. May is when our town sweeps up winter’s leftover sand from all the roads. They put a tentative (because of weather) schedule out, but I am never really sure when they […]

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