Had to Travel North to Find Pumpkins and Fall Air

sunny day at castle in the clouds
pumpkins for sale at roadside farm
Pumpkins at Tenney Farms, Antrim, New Hampshire

I hadn’t been back to my old home town in New Hampshire in over a year, but recently I took a trip to New England.

I expected to see some nice fall foliage, but it wasn’t anything spectacular. Probably because of the unusual heat and humidity that Hurricane Maria dragged up from the south. At least the air was crisp and clear by the time I arrived and I certainly enjoyed that. Sleeping with the window open at night – ahhhh, heaven.

My daughter and I took a trip to the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and visited Castle in the Clouds. The weather was incredibly perfect. It was a Monday, so there were very few visitors, which was also wonderful.

I’ll share a few photos here, and if you are ever in New Hampshire and it’s beautiful weather, I suggest you visit this place.

We began our visit with lunch at the horse stables turned restaurant, and what a view the horses used to have!  You can see the old stables and the new seating area at the restaurant in my image below.

horse stable restaurant
Horse Stables Turned into a Restaurant

Inside seating includes tables within the old stalls.

My daughter and I chose to eat outdoors because the weather was so beautiful, and the view was fabulous.
Our sandwiches were yummy and we brought a cooler where we saved the leftovers in the car after eating.  Then we climbed aboard a trolley car for the short ride up to the Castle.

lunch food sandwich
A delicious lunch of sandwiches, chips and onion rings (and a glass of wine) to start our tour.

We took a short trolley ride up to the Castle and then did a self-guided tour through the mansion.

view from the Castle in the Clouds
Road up to the Castle
sunny day at castle in the clouds
The mansion museum front yard

Lo and behold, I found a hydrangea plant on the grounds! I believe it might have been a Limelight hydrangea but I am not absolutely sure. The flowers look elongated and the flowers are creamy white. It was nice to see a flowering hydrangea. I miss the ones I used to grow.

hydrangea shrub with white flowers
Limelight ? Hydrangea

This is only one thing we did while I stayed in the north for a week. We also ate ice cream at a roadside stand (I had raspberry chocolate chip) and we took a walk, and a boat ride on the river. I also got to meet my daughter’s new cat who has unique coloring.  Isn’t she pretty?


The best part of my trip, besides seeing my daughter, was the breathing that wonderful Fall air. It was a relaxing time and was nice to get away.  I dislike flying, but it was worth it to spend time in an area I love.

My short experience with Fall was nice. It will never be true Fall here in Florida. Temps are still in the 90’s and even what they call Fall here is really not.

I will be getting my raised garden bed ready for planting soon, as soon as it cools off.

Read more about Castle in the Clouds at their website.

view of mountains and lake from Castle in the clouds
What a View!

Author: Pam

Spending time on the water is the best, and blogging about the sea life found along the saltwater river and ocean is what I do. I’m also a designer at Zazzle and sell products containing beach, tropical, and water themes.

5 thoughts on “Had to Travel North to Find Pumpkins and Fall Air”

  1. Wow, what a beautiful place! I’ve never been to New England, but one of these days I would like to make take a trip across the US to visit some of the states I’ve never seen. (Have a stepson who lives in Maryland.) What a difference there is between New Hampshire and Florida. It makes me happy to know you spent quality time with your daughter.–I think that kind of thing is important. Makes me miss my kids!


    1. I’ve never been further west than Destin, Florida in the panhandle. My vacations and travels have been confined to the US eastern seaboard, and up into Canada (long ago). I would also like to see other parts of the country.
      Until last year I always lived very close to my daughter and I hate being so far away! Fortunately plane tickets are fairly affordable so maybe I can visit every year. I love being in New England.


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