The Croton is Flowering, Cats, and Other Happenings This Saturday Morning

Black cat on white sheets
flowering croton
Flowers on the Croton

Before I left on my trip north, I checked (and watered) all my plants and discovered that my croton is flowering! Pretty fluffy little off-white flowers are shooting off the tops of the big-leaved stems. Long ago I may have seen croton flowers, but if so, I had forgotten that they have flowers.

It’s Saturday morning already. I lost a few days this week it seems.

All my mornings begin with me making coffee for myself. While the coffee brews I take care of the cats. My two black cats simply want to go outside. I change their water and make sure there is food in the bowl.

Then I deal with Earflap aka Mr. Mites aka Bitey. He is the stray who adopted us a few months ago. He manages to fill his litter box every night, so I empty that. He gets special canned food, so I serve him breakfast. The porch door stays shut overnight so the raccoons won’t come in and eat his dry food, so I open it and give him his freedom. Usually he goes back to sleep on the chair inside the porch.

stray cat on the patio
Earflap the stray cat

Two days ago I walked into the garage at 8AM and it wasn’t sweltering. I put the door up and a wonderful breeze hit me. As I walked into the driveway I stretched my arms and breathed in the air – something I haven’t done in months. Trying to breathe outside here in summer is like slowly drowning. Okay, I am exaggerating a bit but the humidity here is stifling – 24 hours a day.

With the breeze blowing for the past three days, the heat seems less and it gives me hope that cool nights are in the future. Daytime temperatures seldom stay cool, but overnight it can get nice. I’m thinking about gardening, and considering having a yard sale.

Saturday is not my favorite day of the week, Sunday is. Sundays are quiet – not even the mailman is out. No one will come to the door and I feel secluded from the world. I search for good movies to watch (which Saturday doesn’t offer) and hope to catch a Patriots football game. Down here in Florida the games are rarely aired, unless the Pats play a Florida team.

Every day I work. After I get my coffee and take care of the cats, I go online. Weekends mean that lots of people will probably be online and I promote my products a lot on the weekends. Designing is mostly left for weekdays when there is more time.

Once I check in with work, and do a little sharing of products, I take a break and work out. Get exercise. Move my body. I put on some favorite saved music and walk on the treadmill or dance (it ain’t pretty but it’s effective).  As an older woman, my choice of music may surprise you.  I look for a good beat to keep me going.  Some of my favorite songs are by Shinedown, Foo Fighters,  Seether and Train.

I don’t go crazy, and I’m not trying to look good – I’m trying to stay healthy, while dealing with my PKD (poly-cystic kidney disease). Soon, when mornings are cooler, I may be able to ride my beach cruiser around the neighborhood or take a walk outside.

There are things I never do on Saturday.  Never go out on the boat – the ramps are packed.  Never go to the grocery store.  I leave that to people who can only do it on Saturday.  I’m lucky to have a work-from-home job where I can do that type of stuff during the week when the crowds are less.

That is my typical Saturday.  It looks a lot like most of my days.  Hope yours is peaceful, exciting, or whatever you want it to be.


Author: Pam

Spending time on the water is the best, and blogging about the sea life found along the saltwater river and ocean is what I do. I’m also a designer at Zazzle and sell products containing beach, tropical, and water themes.

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