Around the Yard at The End of July

I just bought a new iPhone XR and wanted to try out the camera so I took a quick walk around the yard this evening. The no-see-ums were brutal so it was a quick photo shoot. Not all photos were taken with the new camera. My caladiums are doing well. The white-leafed variety is not […]

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black cats

My Favorite Black Cat Photos of Skittle and Fontana

I take a lot of photos of my two black cats, Skittle and Fontana. Fontana has been living with me since 2010 when she and Richie (a crazy male cat who is now deceased) were adopted from a shelter in New Hampshire. Richie met an untimely end when he was killed by a fisher cat […]

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Dilemma: Bugs, Birds, Bears, and Cats

This is my garden dilemma:  I have a grasshopper infestation.  I need a natural way to get rid of the bugs, as I am an organic gardener. Attract birds that will eat them, is my first thought, but I have cats that go outside.  If I feed birds in summer it’s only the hummingbirds.  My […]

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Cats and Winter Don’t Mix

The days are filled with bored house cats chasing each other and fighting. The nights bring scampering and sliding through the halls chasing mice. Winter is here! With snow and cold, my two cats don’t go outside much anymore. Skittle loves to roll in the sand all summer, but now she must be wondering how […]

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