pink caladiums

Around The Yard in Muggy May

May is here and it’s muggy in Florida. The AC is on day and night now. Even when it’s “cool” the humidity makes being outside less than fun. The worst is yet to come, but it has begun. First, a Nice Surprise in The Garden As I was checking on my front garden, there it […]

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Memories of April in New Hampshire

Every now and then I look back at my life in New Hampshire through the many photos I took while living there. Since Spring is upon us (in Florida it’s hard to tell) I decided to share some April photography and memories. In April the forsythia begins to bloom and the bright yellow flowers are […]

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Pinky Winky hydrangea flowers

Hydrangeas at The End of Summer

It’s hard to believe that it is the end of summer now. I recently took some photos of the flowers remaining in bloom in the yard, and the Pinky Winky is one of the hydrangeas that still looks good. Although the many deer that frequent my yard come to eat hydrangea buds and leaves, my […]

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The Pinky Winky is Planted!

Finally — I got my newly acquired Pinky Winky hydrangea shrub into the ground! The other four hydrangeas were planted a couple of weeks ago and then we had a week of rain. I couldn’t decide where to put the last one – the Pinky Winky – and then I decided it should go out […]

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Time To Plant the Hydrangeas Folks!

Finally — it’s hydrangea planting time!  I’ve been waiting for the local nurseries to have their hydrangea shrubs out for sale and it seems that they all get them in and ready to go just before Mother’s Day.  So this week is an excellent time to shop for hydrangeas. This is the first time I […]

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The Nikko Blue Hydrangea

I’ve always heard the Nikko blue hydrangea mentioned when speaking of the blue varieties so I thought I’d look into it. First of all, the Nikko blue will only be blue if the soil is very acidic. If you buy a Nikko blue and plant it in dirt that has a lot of lime or […]

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