‘Seaside Garden’ Incorporates Starfish With Hydrangeas

white hydrangea flower
white starfish and hydrangea flower

The white “Blushing Bride” hydrangea shrub is showing off some mighty nice, big, white flowers and I decided that I would try photographing them with starfish for my wedding shops. This is the photo I chose to use – with the background removed, to make the first set of custom stationery for Sandpiper Wedding.

I call it Seaside Garden for brides who are married near the ocean in summer (or Fall) when the hydrangeas are blooming.  I think it’s a nice combination.

Seaside Garden Wedding Suites

White hydrangea and starfish design.

seaside garden white hydrangea starfish sea star

Now there are more choices when it comes to a starfish and hydrangea invitation. We also offer a blue hydrangea and starfish design.

Seaside garden wedding stationery set
Seaside Garden blue hydrangea wedding stationery set
Seaside Garden hydrangea and starfish wedding suite

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