Rustic Wood Hydrangea Birthday Party

blue hydrangea invitations
This paper is 4×9 inches.

I’m on vacation and have not been able to find time to write, but want to keep this blog from becoming too stale. I have been working, and this is one of the new birthday party invitations created in the BlueHyd store. The hydrangea is a photo of my Endless Summer bloom from last year. I’ve been away from my yard for a couple of weeks and when I return I hope to see many buds on my hydrangeas. I count on them to get more photos to use over the winter when I am creating stationery and products. A big reason I love hydrangeas is the long living flowers.
This pretty, light blue flower pairs well with the dark wood background. The rustic look is quite popular and I hope to sell bunches of party invitations. With the customization option, this invitation can be used for almost any type of event. My sample text is for a woman who is turning 30, but it could serve as a wedding announcement, vow renewal invitation or even a thank you card.

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Hydrangea Based Baby Shower Invitations

baby shower invitation
Custom Baby Shower Cards

Hydrangeas are not only useful for decorating wedding bouquets, but can be used equally as well for baby showers. The bright or light pink is gorgeous for celebrating a baby girls arrival, and of course the lovely blue is exactly what’s needed for a baby boy.

This flat invitation has a background of neutral colored hydrangea blooms against a light blue background. The floral photography used for making the graphic background image is mine and that makes this card, and all my baby shower cards, very unique.

This invitation for welcoming a baby boy, is written as a baby adoption. A line on the back reads, “shower for (parent’s names), celebrating their adoption of”. That line (and all text lines on the card) can easily be changed to accommodate your type of event. Use the template areas on the product page to do so.

This card measures 4.5 by 6.25 inches and will come with a white envelope.

Pink and Blue Baby Shower Cards

Baby shower- comestível chocolate truffles.
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Although blue hydrangeas are very popular, the pink, white and even green are loved by many. Because of the beauty of these huge blooms they are versatile for decorating for many occasions.
Elegant and sweet, pink and blue flowers border the edges of these baby shower invitations. One was made to use after the baby arrives (left) and has a template line for adding the baby’s name. The other is set up for inviting to a shower before the big event. Each line of text is easy to change because of the templates provided.
A new trend is growing with young couples who no longer wish to know ahead of time if they will have a boy or girl child. I’ve always thought that keeping the gender unknown would make the birth day even more special. What about the famous “It’s a Girl!” or “It’s a Boy!”.. ? Does that even mean anything any longer? I applaud the new parents Continue reading “Pink and Blue Baby Shower Cards”