Viewing Winter’s Damage and Marks of The Deer

tree bark
Those Pesky Deer

I have ADD when it comes to Spring clean up.   Yesterday I started raking the yard, then I as I was cleaning the garage, I found the and there was wood to move.  and before I knew it I had seven projects going at once.  There is just so much to do when you first get those sunny, warm days after months of nothing but white out the window.

I only moved into this house less than two years ago, so I’ve only had one full summer here to work on the planting.  As I stroll from each garden area to the next I am reminded of how much I have already accomplished in this short amount of time, but I’m also aware of how much there is still to do. I don’t believe we are ever “done”, but I would like to accomplish my plans for this landscape before I am unable to work in it any longer. And who knows when that will be? I have the PKD time bomb to deal with, not to mention old age creeping up. Can’t stop that!

Also it’s been interesting for me to have to realize that summer doesn’t last year round in the northeast.  I lived in central Florida for so many years – where the yard-work goes on for twelve months and not four.  So there is the time crunch before things shut down again for winter. I knew that when I moved here, but it’s different when you begin to live it. Not that I mind – I like winter.

Except that the deer have turned into my enemies. I love to see them in the back yard and they are beautiful creatures. But they get really hungry and desperate in winter. I had already seen that my new little rhododendrons were chewed off (no buds left – so no flowers this season!!!!) And now I see that they have stripped the bark from the little pine tree cluster out front. They even chewed part of the spiky holly bushes – ouch. One morning I counted 12 deer walking through the back woods, and many evenings we would look out to see them in the front yard and walking down the road. Now that the snow has melted they seem to have moved to a better place to find food.

So now I have another war to wage next winter. I need to cover the rhododendrons because I really enjoy seeing them bloom in Spring. In fact one was planted new in Fall and it was covered with buds. Now I won’t see it bloom until next year. I hope!


Author: Pam

Spending time on the water is the best, and blogging about the sea life found along the saltwater river and ocean is what I do. I’m also a designer at Zazzle and sell products containing beach, tropical, and water themes.

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