May Brings Out the Dusty Street Sweeper

street sweeper
Street Sweeper in May
It has to be dry to sweep the streets, and the day the sweeper came by he sure kicked up a ton of dust. May is when our town sweeps up winter’s leftover sand from all the roads. They put a tentative (because of weather) schedule out, but I am never really sure when they will appear in my neighborhood.

Having the street swept is a new thing for me. The first spring in my new home, I noticed that people were making rows of sand at the edge of their yards. They were brushing (?) the sand off their grass somehow, and I wondered why. The sand comes from the sand trucks that frequently sand and salt the roads all during winter. I found out a while later when the noisy street sweeper came through the neighborhood and sucked it up!

I don’t bother to sweep sand off my “grass” mainly because I don’t have any grass. I’m working on it, but that is far down my list of yard work that needs to be done. I did get this photo of the sweeper as he went by a couple of times, kicking up clouds of dust. It’s a normal part of Spring clean up in this part of New Hampshire.

Viewing Winter’s Damage and Marks of The Deer

tree bark
Those Pesky Deer

I have ADD when it comes to Spring clean up.   Yesterday I started raking the yard, then I as I was cleaning the garage, I found the and there was wood to move.  and before I knew it I had seven projects going at once.  There is just so much to do when you first get those sunny, warm days after months of nothing but white out the window.

I only moved into this house less than two years ago, so I’ve only had one full summer here to work on the planting.  As I stroll from each garden area to the next I am reminded of how much I have already accomplished in this short amount of time, but I’m also aware of how much there is still to do. I don’t believe Continue reading “Viewing Winter’s Damage and Marks of The Deer”

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