How To Remove Unwanted Background Clutter From Your Pictures

clover flowers pink wood sorrel
blue and white bearded iris
Original Iris Picture

Image Compare: Top right – garden hose, now removed in image below.

blue iris growing in the garden
Iris #2

Can you see a difference in these pictures? There is unwanted clutter in the first one.  The photo at the top has a garden hose on the right side of the photo, but I have removed the hose using the “clone stamp” and the results is seen in the bottom photo.

After photographing this flower I wanted to use the best pictures to make products for my online shop, but if I used this good photo of the flowers, there is a piece of an unsightly garden hose in the background.

Fortunately I have learned how to remove unwanted stuff from my photos. With a little patience, I can usually get it to look okay. If you are interested in how I removed the garden hose from my photo, read a page I wrote at Wizzley to explain how to use the clone stamp in a free graphics program called paint(dot)net.

And if you want to remove the entire background, for a transparent image, I can tell you how to do that too.  I have to do that for many of the designs I make and sell in my stores.

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Author: Pam

I grew up in New England but spent most of my life living in central Florida. The joy in my life comes from being on the water, gardening in the backyard, RV camping, playing with my two cats, and hanging out with my grown kids.

5 thoughts on “How To Remove Unwanted Background Clutter From Your Pictures”

    1. If you zoom into the image and do small areas at a time, it’s a bit easier. It’s time consuming and some things are easier than others, but the end product is very useful.


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