Yes, Blooms This Year! Bearded Iris in Blue and White

blue and white bearded iris
Iris in the Garden

This is the first time I have seen flowers on my blue and white iris that was planted about 2 years ago. Last summer there were lots of leaves, but no blooms. So to see the stalk shoot up from those tall, flat leaves and end up with four buds, was very exciting for me!

Bearded iris are a perennial I don’t know much about. I think they will multiply on their own as I’ve seen big gardens full of iris. I got a few pictures of this first flower, but the rain has kept me indoors and the other bud has opened as well.

I used this image to make some stamps, a card and address labels to post for sale in my BlueHyd store.  (You can see them at the link above.) It’s not a hydrangea, but it’s blue, so I figured why not.  Lots of people love the iris flowers.

Love the iris? Make yourself some custom labels like this one:

Author: Pam

I grew up in New England but spent most of my life living in central Florida. I blog about boating, gardening, knitting and my work as an online designer.

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