Easily Grow Your Own Scallions From the Grocery Store

growing scallions

Grow scallions from the store

As I was chopping up my store-bought scallions, I noticed the little roots at the ends. I had read somewhere about growing produce from store-bought items, and decided to stick the ends of the scallions into my fabric pots filled with garden dirt.
Sure enough, a few days later I began to see growth! Now there are new shoots coming up and I will have scallions to cut soon to add to my cooking.

Some sort of animal was digging in the pot, but the onions seem to have come through it fine. I can’t wait to walk into my backyard and clip off scallions to add to my meals.

5 thoughts on “Easily Grow Your Own Scallions From the Grocery Store

  1. Pam

    Mine got very big and then died in the Florida heat. I’m not sure how long they will last. I would snip off the green parts as I needed them and let them grow continuously. I think everything grows better in the ground as compared to a pot.


  2. Anna Reeder

    How long will they last in a pot? My husband accused me of pulling them out of his pot of dirt, but they haven’t grown up since November! He said the roots should still be there…


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