September in Florida is Good and Bad

Ready for hurricane Dorian

September is the month I was born. Usually my birthday fell on the first day of school, which made it a lousy birthday for me. This year Hurricane Dorian passed by my Florida home for the celebration. Actually, there was no celebration, just some wind and rain. September is a bad month for hurricanes. We’ll be keeping our hurricane shutters on for a while.

tall weed with yellow flowers
Tall weed with yellow flowers

The power stayed on and with the exception of a few palm fronds to pick up we had no clean up. The tall weed that I let grow in my soon-to-be front garden was knocked over with the wind. It had become taller than me and had many flowers – just before the winds knocked it down.

Anyone know what this tall, airy weed is called?

Cooler Air is On The Way!

September is a good month in that it means cooler air is coming. This morning I had a nice surprise when I opened the back door at 6AM. The air felt almost cool! Today the humidity was down, so it felt more like a normal hot summer day. I went for a walk early this morning – and found out how extremely out of shape I am! I’ve been sitting around for 5 months now waiting for the time when I can finally do something again.

My good friend, who was born and raised in this state, keeps saying she can’t wait for Fall. I can’t help but thinking there is no such thing here. Fall for me means cool, crisp air and colors painting the trees so beautifully that I feel like I am in a painting. She can’t help it. The poor thing is a Floridian! I do pity her. Last year I went back home to New Hampshire for a week but I was a little late to enjoy fall. It was downright cold for most of the week.

But soon I will be walking every morning (I need to lose my summer fat). And I know that nights will begin to cool down nicely by October. Something to look forward to. But there will be no stunning color on the trees.

New Hampshire – where Fall lives

When I lived in the northeast I took lots of photos in the fall season. If I’d had an iPhone back then, I would have hundreds more. Here are some good ones to put you in the Autumn mood.

Fall in New Hampshire
Limelight hydrangeas after rain weighed down the flower heads in fall

These photos were taken by me for my New England blog, but this might be a good place to share them at this time of year. I sure miss visiting the farm stands and choosing fresh pumpkins and squash to take home.

Do you know what to do with these huge hubbard squash?

Hubbard squash for sale at Tenney Farms in Antrim, NH
Hubbard Squash at Tenney Farms, Antrim NH
Tree with bright red foliage
Peterborough New Hampshire at the peak of Autumn

Author: Pam

Spending time on the water is the best, and blogging about the sea life found along the saltwater river and ocean is what I do. I’m also a designer at Zazzle and sell products containing beach, tropical, and water themes.

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