Cyber Monday Once Again

winter snow

Because I sell online, Cyber Monday gives me some hope for an increase in income. Realistically, the competition for sales means this is unlikely.

Getting ready and designing for the holiday season begins for me in June. In fact, I sell holiday themed items year round. Sales do pick up around September and of course now that it is December (am I the only one who thinks it came super fast?) sales are bustling.

I’m not a good customer because I don’t do much shopping at the holidays, or any time of year really. Three of my grown children live far away and since I hate to mail boxes, this year they are getting some money to put toward things they want.

I only send, or give, Christmas cards to a few people and I’m thinking I have some leftover from last year. The truth is, that without family to share in holiday fun, it’s not an important time. I spend most of my days leading up to Christmas promoting my designs and working.

The Weather

Yesterday I walked around the neighborhood and saw a few homes decorated for Christmas. It has always seemed abnormal to do so here in the sunshine state. Christmas and heat just don’t go together in my mind.

Today in Florida it will be cold… or what Floridians call “cold”. Temps are heading down into the 50’s, and possibly into the 40’s, with the high for tomorrow being forecast as a sunny 58.

I love it. In New Hampshire today they are having a snowstorm where I used to live. I don’t miss having to run my snowblower, but I would love to sit and watch it snow once again.

Thank You Winston

I want to share a dog story because the one photo I have of my old friend has helped me sell Christmas ornaments over the years.

Winston was a little white terrier who belonged to an old neighbor of mine in New Hampshire. That’s him holding the place for a customer’s photo on the pewter snowflake ornament for sale in my Holiday Store at Zazzle.

I mention this because this particular ornament has been a best-seller. According to stats, I have sold 375 of these over the years. The ornament is made with a template so your dog’s photo can take Winston’s place, but it can be purchased as is. I don’t know how many people have bought it and kept that photo of Winston, but I’m thinking some did. He is so cute.

The picture of Winston was taken when I accompanied his owner on a walk. I used a camera back then, not a cell phone, for photos. I lived near a lake and Elizabeth, Winston’s mom, would walk her dog all the way up to the lake and then around the Girl Scout Camp! I was impressed at her stamina as she was older than me by quite a few years.

We were on Girl Scout property, where many locals took their dogs to run, when I snapped this photo of Winston. That must have been back in 2006 maybe.

Even though I moved quite a few times I was always living close enough to go back to that lake to walk, pick blueberries in summer, and simply enjoy the area. A few times I did see Elizabeth walking her dogs. By then she had a new little dog to walk along with Winston.

Last year I was visiting New Hampshire and made my way to the lake. I noticed a man walking a little dog that looked like Winston’s buddy, and I realized it was Elizabeth’s husband. He told me that Winston had died. I wasn’t too surprised as lots of time had gone by. I’m glad I have this one picture and I’m grateful for Winston’s cute face which has brought me some income over the years.

Whenever I go to that lake, I will think of my time spent with the woman who taught me to take long walks, and of course, her furry white companion.

Author: Pam

Spending time on the water is the best, and blogging about the sea life found along the saltwater river and ocean is what I do. I’m also a designer at Zazzle and sell products containing beach, tropical, and water themes.

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