Gardening: Now it’s Moving Fast

backyard vegetable garden

As I walk around the yard getting photos of what’s growing, I realize how fast things are changing.

The potatoes planted in the fabric pot are now huge. The zucchini and cucumber seedlings (they are in this photo) are now twice the size they were.  Many of the tomatoes now have little yellow flowers. And all the strawberries are loaded with unripened fruit.

That is how it’s suppose to be. Everything has to hurry up and grow – Fall is not far away! Really, the growing season in New England is so short. It’s been difficult for me to adjust to this fact after gardening year round in Florida.

But having a garden blog means updating could literally take place every day – with new photos! Sorry, can’t handle that schedule. As I get ready to write about something I photographed last week, I realize I’m already behind. Continue reading “Gardening: Now it’s Moving Fast”

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