Another Rant, I Hate This New Block Writing at WP

Many years ago when I began blogging I started a Google blog. It was difficult. I went to WordPress and found it much easier to understand, although I had a lot to learn.

Now WP has given us the Guttenberg blocks to use whenever we write a post. I hate it. I have a simple site, without wanting to deal with plug-ins or css or whatever people with experience use to “fix up” their blogs. I’m not a technology wizard, I just want to blog – quickly and without problems.

Now I will go to add a “block” and will have to add the block on top of the block I just wrote because no little “+” will appear where I want it.

Sometimes I will highlight something to make a link and the linking ability will show up right there – at other times it appears all the way at the top of the page! ( Learned how to fix this: uncheck “top toolbar” – use dropdown to access in the top right corner)

Twice now I have tried to schedule a page to post later and boom… it goes live.. right then! Why? I couldn’t tell you. Sometimes the entire right hand side with page settings completely goes away. I can’t make it come back.

Sometimes the “featured image” block doesn’t work. On one of my blogs I can never see the Preview of the page. I get an “Oops, that page can’t be found”.
Adding photos means add descriptions to the right of the page, but it isn’t saved in the media area, so it has to be done twice to the same image, if I want to save it in my media. And so on….

I’ve been writing using the stupid thing for a while now and I still hate it.

I think it makes double the work, triple the aggravation, and makes writing my blogs a lot less fun these days. I was doing fine with the old WP. Now every time I blog I feel like I am in a class where there is no teacher and I have to fend for myself to figure out how to create a decent blog page. A lot of the time I am winging it.

I know I can go back to the old editor, but if I do, and have to make changes on the page, it seems to want me to convert to the new editor. It’s all awful. For people like me, who just want to share their hobbies or local happenings, blogging shouldn’t be a chore. Now it is.

Yuk. No thanks. Guess I don’t have a say.

I Will Never Get The Tech

It’s tough trying to fit into this world so full of technology.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 4.21.37 PMI saw a t-shirt once that said, “I repel technology” and I need to have it and wear it every single day.

The only reason I know anything at all, like making links, organizing blogs, uploading images, and all that EASY stuff, is because life forced me into working online.   Everyone seems to have born with technology knowledge that I just can’t seem to grasp.  And when I do understand it, it feels alien to me.  Unnatural.  Like I am trying to live in a world where I do not belong.

This morning I posted a blog on my SeashellsbyMillhill blog, and then I began thinking about upgrading.  From there, I viewed the themes, including premium themes.  After a while I decided on one called Gridiculous Pro.  It looked so nice, something I could personalize with my photos and stories.  BUT… I bought it and began to try to customize and had trouble.  The changes didn’t show while I was making them, the colors gave me trouble, and all in all I just didn’t think it was worth the trouble AND money.  Fortunately WordPress lets you cancel a purchase within a certain amount of time.

The real problem is that I know so little and have to rely on the easy customization.  I can’t do CSS – don’t even ask me what that is.  Some sort of code, that would probably make my site look marvelous.

So I wasted time figuring out which theme I wanted, then wasted time fiddling around trying to make it look nice.   Once I cancelled my upgrade order, my site reverted to the old theme… except it wasn’t the same old theme.  So I had to re-do my “old” theme to make it viewable.  Now the whole thing looks completely different, but I guess it’s okay.  And change is good now and then.

Best of Blogging, Be Yourself

Photo credit: Oldiefan @ Pixabay

Since I do a lot of blogging, I thought I’d begin a series of posts about blogging.  If you look around the internet, you will find lots of bad blogs.  And of course there are many great blogs.  Those great blogs are fun to read because they are written by people who write about what interests them.  Being phony online doesn’t work for long.  Be yourself and share (with limits) information about your likes, travels, menu specialties, etc..  You’d be surprised how many people will be interested, even if your life seems mundane and ordinary to you.

Blogging can also be quite a learning experience.  Although I love gardening and sharing how my garden grows with readers, I am still learning as I go.  I recently began a blog about health and wellness related to kidney disease.  A few years ago I found out I had PKD and I want to share my journey as I attempt to get well.

You don’t need to be an experienced writer to start a blog.  I’ve learned a lot since I first began my Seashells by Millhill blog back in 2008.  The first posts I made were pretty horrendous, and I cringe when I re-read them.  Since then I’ve written at a couple of writing sites, Squidoo (now defunct) and Wizzley, where I learned to become a better writer.  I did a little stint with other bloggers on a shared blog site and wrote one day a week.  The bar was raised when I had to write alongside some very good writers.

Continue reading “Best of Blogging, Be Yourself”

Gardening: Now it’s Moving Fast

backyard vegetable garden

As I walk around the yard getting photos of what’s growing, I realize how fast things are changing.

The potatoes planted in the fabric pot are now huge. The zucchini and cucumber seedlings (they are in this photo) are now twice the size they were.  Many of the tomatoes now have little yellow flowers. And all the strawberries are loaded with unripened fruit.

That is how it’s suppose to be. Everything has to hurry up and grow – Fall is not far away! Really, the growing season in New England is so short. It’s been difficult for me to adjust to this fact after gardening year round in Florida.

But having a garden blog means updating could literally take place every day – with new photos! Sorry, can’t handle that schedule. As I get ready to write about something I photographed last week, I realize I’m already behind. Continue reading “Gardening: Now it’s Moving Fast”

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