Another Rant, I Hate This New Block Writing at WP

Many years ago when I began blogging I started a Google blog. It was difficult. I went to WordPress and found it much easier to understand, although I had a lot to learn.

Now WP has given us the Guttenberg blocks to use whenever we write a post. I hate it. I have a simple site, without wanting to deal with plug-ins or css or whatever people with experience use to “fix up” their blogs. I’m not a technology wizard, I just want to blog – quickly and without problems.

Now I will go to add a “block” and will have to add the block on top of the block I just wrote because no little “+” will appear where I want it.

Sometimes I will highlight something to make a link and the linking ability will show up right there – at other times it appears all the way at the top of the page! ( Learned how to fix this: uncheck “top toolbar” – use dropdown to access in the top right corner)

Twice now I have tried to schedule a page to post later and boom… it goes live.. right then! Why? I couldn’t tell you. Sometimes the entire right hand side with page settings completely goes away. I can’t make it come back.

Sometimes the “featured image” block doesn’t work. On one of my blogs I can never see the Preview of the page. I get an “Oops, that page can’t be found”.
Adding photos means add descriptions to the right of the page, but it isn’t saved in the media area, so it has to be done twice to the same image, if I want to save it in my media. And so on….

I’ve been writing using the stupid thing for a while now and I still hate it.

I think it makes double the work, triple the aggravation, and makes writing my blogs a lot less fun these days. I was doing fine with the old WP. Now every time I blog I feel like I am in a class where there is no teacher and I have to fend for myself to figure out how to create a decent blog page. A lot of the time I am winging it.

I know I can go back to the old editor, but if I do, and have to make changes on the page, it seems to want me to convert to the new editor. It’s all awful. For people like me, who just want to share their hobbies or local happenings, blogging shouldn’t be a chore. Now it is.

Yuk. No thanks. Guess I don’t have a say.

Changing the Site Theme For Better Viewing

Hydrangea and lily bouquetI was happy with my old theme here on the hydrangea gardening blog, but I noticed that it was not compatible with hand-held devices.     Finding a new theme for this blog wasn’t difficult because I had recently update two of my other WordPress blogs with a theme I liked.  It’s called Twenty Thirteen.

I need simple. I once purchased a $79 theme with high hopes of creating a beautiful site. It looked easy enough, but I had trouble. WordPress offers a refund if you are not happy, so I got my money back and found a free theme instead. I’m sure there was nothing wrong with the theme I bought, but my knowledge of computer technology is next to nothing. I can figure some things out myself, but I have no desire to get into the coding and css stuff needed to configure a nice site. Free themes are also nice. And this free theme can be updated with custom fonts if I so desire.

After test driving a number of free themes, I decided to use Twenty Thirteen for many reasons. It has a nice clean look that is easy to read. I like that it offers rotating header pictures too. I am all about the pictures! (Haven’t loaded any to this site yet, but you can see them on my Seashells Blog. The header changes with each page / post click.)

If you’ve been using the same theme to blog for a long time now, it may not be compatible with iPhones and such. That means your readers won’t see the whole page when viewing your blog on a mobile device. They will bounce off your site and go someplace else. You can find out if your site is good for hand-held devices in your appearance section, under customize, or in the preview of a blog post.

My hope is that with this new theme for my gardening blog, I can find more readers. Of course I also have to have some gardens to write about, and that may not be as easy to fix.

Font Upgrades to The “Hydrangeas Blue” Blog

changing or adding fonts
WordPress Font Options

You may not have realized this, but I have added a font upgrade to this blog. For $30 a year I can have custom fonts. I think it’s worth it and I like the look. They can be changed easily at any time and along with the font style I can choose a size. I hope the fonts I chose are easy to read in the posts. The script for the header and titles is a bit different, but I like it.
What do you think?

If you are considering doing this to your Word Press blog, find the custom fonts option under “appearance” and “custom design” in the dashboard area of your blog.  It may be nice to make reading your blog easier if you have a lot of visitors.

Pictures Make a Reader Happy

Image via Wikipedia

Going a bit off the subject of hydrangeas for a minute, I want to do a post about writing.

If you blog, but don’t take the time to add a picture to your post, you will most likely lose the reader right off the bat.  The photo is what grabs the reader and makes them want to find out more.  I will admit that I am not the best photographer in the world, but I love to take photos.  And some of them have made their way into my blog posts.  In fact, I used to exclusively use my own photos and then WordPress added the Zemanta thingy which I have found to be awesome.  I love WP and still have 2 blogs at blogspot, but they make me mad.  I still have trouble figuring out what’s what over there.

If you don’t take great photos and want to add pictures to your blog, make sure you have Zemanta at WordPress.   If your blog is not with WP, then I suggest you get over here!

Zemanta offers a gallery of pictures that correspond with the topic on your blog.  You can choose between many options and decide which one will work best to grab your reader.

Also you can choose links to add to the bottom of your post which relate to the subject.  It’s so simple – just click on a couple that look good and they are added to the bottom of your post.

Check out the image I’ve added here of Zemanta, using Zemanta as an example.

With WordPress there is no excuse for not using a picture to grab your readers, unless you write about something very unique.  The only time I have trouble finding an image to add, on any of my 5 blogs, is on my seashell blog since most people don’t know the names of the shells they take pictures of, so I can’t find specific seashells.