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Another Rant, I Hate This New Block Writing at WP

Many years ago when I began blogging I started a Google blog. It was difficult. I went to WordPress and found it much easier to understand, although I had a lot to learn. Now WP has given us the Guttenberg blocks to use whenever we write a post. I hate it. I have a simple […]

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Changing the Site Theme For Better Viewing

I was happy with my old theme here on the hydrangea gardening blog, but I noticed that it was not compatible with hand-held devices.     Finding a new theme for this blog wasn’t difficult because I had recently update two of my other WordPress blogs with a theme I liked.  It’s called Twenty Thirteen. […]

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Font Upgrades to The “Hydrangeas Blue” Blog

You may not have realized this, but I have added a font upgrade to this blog. For $30 a year I can have custom fonts. I think it’s worth it and I like the look. They can be changed easily at any time and along with the font style I can choose a size. I […]

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Pictures Make a Reader Happy

Going a bit off the subject of hydrangeas for a minute, I want to do a post about writing. If you blog, but don’t take the time to add a picture to your post, you will most likely lose the reader right off the bat.  The photo is what grabs the reader and makes them […]

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