Eating The Flowers That You Grow

Pretty and Edible Nasturtiums

I have found that I will not be snipping my hydrangea buds to add to my salads!  In fact, hydrangeas are poisonous, so they are best left on the bush or in a vase.

But there are many flowers to grow and eat and I’ve just recently become interested in doing  just that.  Last year I began adding Nasturtium flowers and leaves to my salads, but I hadn’t grown nearly enough of them to last long.  I love their peppery taste and plan to grow lots of nasturtiums in my new gardens this next Spring.

Where to grow them?  As ground covers around the edges of vegetable gardens or in pots and let the vines hang down.  They would look beautiful around the base of a big blue hydrangea bush!

They come in a variety of colors and are easy to grow by planting their big seeds after the last frost.  Don’t fertilize them or you may get only big bunches of leaves and no flowers!

At the end of the season, let the seeds dry on the plant and then collect them to use the next season.  These are great flowers for kids to grow.

Check out this partial list of edible flowers to grow for yourself.