Edible Nasturtium Flowers Are Easy to Grow

Certain flowers can be grown and used to add flavor and goodness to food. The edible nasturtium flowers are easy to grow. The plant is an annual, but if you allow it to go to seed it will replace itself each year in the garden. Or collect the seeds and store them overwinter.

So how do you know which flowers are okay to eat? One way to begin growing edible flowers is to buy a book with accurate information.

Red and yellow Nasturtiums are edible plants
Pretty and Edible Nasturtiums

Edible Nasturtiums

Last year I began adding Nasturtium flowers and leaves to my salads, but I hadn’t grown nearly enough of them to last long.  I love their peppery taste and plan to grow lots of nasturtiums in my new gardens this next Spring.

This salad photo below includes the seeds of the nasturtium, which I have never eaten.

nasturtium salad flowers seeds greens
The flowers and seeds are part of this salad

Growing Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums are easy to grow and all you need is one or two plants as starters. At the end of the growing season, let the seeds dry on the plant and then collect them to use the next season.  These are great flowers for kids to grow because the seeds are quite large and easy to handle.

Leaves are green or variegated (Alaska variety) and flower colors are usually red, yellow, and orange. Read more at this master gardener site.

nasturtium plant with variegated leaves

They come in a variety of colors and are easy to grow by planting their big seeds after the last frost.  Don’t fertilize them or you may get only big bunches of leaves and no flowers!

holding nasturtium seeds
The seeds