rubber tree

Rubber Trees in The Florida Landscape

It all began with one indoor rubber tree plant. When it started to look gangly, I cut it back and stuck the cuttings in water to see what would happen. You can read about the rubber tree trimming here. Many of the cuttings did root and I simply planted them in the ground. A few […]

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End of Year Yard Happenings, Orchids, Hibiscus and More

It’s the end of 2018 and I have decided to share some recent yard happenings. One of my orchids is blooming. My orchids don’t look too good, so I was surprised to see two blooms on one of my plants. The orange hibiscus plant is growing like mad! I have neglected this plant and am […]

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Rubber tree in need of pruning

Pruning The Rubber Plant and Taking Cuttings to Propagate

Rubber Trees are something you see a lot of here in Florida. They are tropical plants and don’t like the cold. ¬†They work well as house plants, but I’ve seen them growing outdoors here and can become quite large. ¬†They are susceptible to scorching sun which damages the leaves, and don’t like extreme cold. I […]

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