Early Shopping For the Vegetable Garden

orange and yellow marigolds
Marigolds and Zinnias For My Garden

I headed over to House by The Side of The Road in Wilton, New Hampshire yesterday to look for hydrangeas and other flowering shrubs for my yard. I had never been in early spring to see what they had for vegetable plants, but thought I’d check it out.

This place is huge. They place big wagon-type carts all over the greenhouse area for customers to grab and fill up. I filled one with annuals – the marigolds, you see in the picture, and other things – then got another cart and headed outside to the perennial area.

I prefer to spend money on perennials, but the annuals are what give me the bright colors for the garden and hanging planters. I know they won’t last, but they really add to the yard. I had some things in mind, but ended up getting a few things that just happened to catch my eye.

When both my carts were filled, I had accumulated 6 Celebrity tomato plants, 6 grape tomato plants, 6 little basil plants, pretty marigolds (to plant among the vegetables), pink wave petunias and vinca vines (for the hanging baskets). I also grabbed a nasturtium, some cosmos, and zinnias just in case my own seeds don’t grow. I didn’t want that many tomatoes, but they only came in 6-packs and were $2.99 each pack. Not a bad price for these parts.  Maybe next year I’ll save tomato seeds.

New perennials include Joe Pye Weed, Monks Hood, and an Oriental Poppy. I also got two more hostas for the shade (I have lots of that). I also grabbed a huge fuchsia basket on my way out. It’s too cold for it to hang outside yet, so it’s inside with everything else! Glad I have lots of room.

Author: Pam

I grew up in New England but spent most of my life living in central Florida. The joy in my life comes from being on the water, gardening in the backyard, RV camping, playing with my two cats, and hanging out with my grown kids.

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