Go With the Flow and Stop Wasting Time

I’ve been growing fresh vegetables in my backyard for years. Now I struggle to get food to grow. We learn from experience and observation. Life is about change. If we are wise, we will go with the flow and not waste time with something we cannot change. I am applying this philosophy to my backyard […]

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growing scallions

The Garden in March, One Month Later

Last month I began to plant my little garden in my Florida backyard. Because the raised bed was not filled with dirt, I used black fabric pots. I began with crops that were more suited to cooler weather, like peas and lettuce. Well, Skittle the cat decided to sleep in the bed of peas, so […]

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Easily Grow Your Own Scallions From the Grocery Store

As I was chopping up my store-bought scallions, I noticed the little roots at the ends. I had read somewhere about growing produce from store-bought items, and decided to stick the ends of the scallions into my fabric pots filled with garden dirt. Sure enough, a few days later I began to see growth! Now […]

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Here’s to You, the Woman Gardener

Here’s to you, the woman gardener, but only if you do it ALL on your own.  It doesn’t count if you have a hubby who builds the raised beds for you, or lugs the soil to refurbish the beds.  It doesn’t count if he lifts the heavy stuff or does the weeding.  This post is […]

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Robin in birdbath

Getting Ready to Grow It

After the super mild winter (thank you God!) we are already seeing signs of Spring here in the northeastern US. That mean getting ready to grow our veggies. Many people will be starting their seedlings soon, if they haven’t already. I believe most people wait until April since our last frost date is June 1st. […]

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