A Yard Without Hydrangeas – The Horror!

View out the door
Time to Make Some Changes in the Yard

Now that I have moved out of my rental, I live in a flowerless environment.   I have a yard without hydrangeas and in fact, there are no flowering plants.  The house I bought has been sitting empty for about a year and apparently the previous owners didn’t believe in growing flowering shrubs. Two huge tree looking bushes were blocking the front windows (until I trimmed them- quite a bit – you can see one of them in my photo) and the only other plants in the front are holly. Oh, I did find a small azalea amongst the weeds and dug it up and gave it a sunnier location. I imagine it will be light purple since most azaleas I see in the north seem to be. I’ll have to wait until next Spring to find out.

My landlady had talked about letting me dig up part of one of her hydrangeas, but I got too busy to even think about doing that, so I came to the new place empty-handed.  Now the search is on for blue hydrangeas of my own.  I am not searching too frantically, since the front yard still needs some work – maybe grading – so the planting might have to wait.  I’m also watching the sun to find the best locations for planting.

Also, I spent 5 hours in the yard on Saturday and have been in pain ever since.  I should know better.  This body is not used to yard work, so I will have to remember to pace myself and stop after an hour or two.  Also, I’m not as young as I’d like to be!  A nice reader suggested I do a soil test and that reminded me that we have a great resource here in New Hampshire at the UNH campus.  The UNH Cooperative Extension will test soil for you (if you live in the area).

As I find good places to buy hydrangeas (and other plants), I’ll be sure to share with you.

Too Late To Garden?

A couple of daylilies (Hemerocallis) in spring...
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It’s July already and I just moved out of my rental and into a new home! Yes, I am very excited. All the moving and unpacking has kept me away from the computer and more importantly, it’s kept me out of the yard. And this yard – my new yard – needs a lot of help. Not a flower is to be seen, and all the shrubs – ahh, small trees – are overgrown.

This house sat empty for about a year and apparently the previous owners weren’t very good at outdoor upkeep so I have my hands full.

Although I’d love to get to gardening, there is an issue with grading the land to get rainwater away from the house so I won’t do too much until that is taken care of.

It feels like I’ve spent this entire year buying a house. I started looking in March and then found this place in April, and just moved in July 11th. I’ve missed planting, weeding, picking flowers and all the summer fun of blueberry picking and mountain hiking. All my efforts have been towards home-ownership. It’s well worth it, but I have a feeling of not living among the world.

So, is it too late, when August is right around the corner, to think about gardening? No!!! In fact, I know that many plants need to be planted in Fall. It’s the second best time of year to plant (other than Spring).

Unfortunately, most of the great looking plants have been bought already, but the positive aspect would be finding bargains in the perennial section.  I was at Tenney Farms in Antrim the other day and picked up a couple of yellow (Stella d’oro) day-lilies, a white phlox, and red coneflower.  The hydrangeas have all been bought, of course, but I have other favorites and the Stella d’oro will bloom for such a long time.  I also love daylilies because they are easy to divide and one plant can become several over the years.

So it’s not too late to garden but planting hydrangeas might have to wait until next Spring.

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