thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving Approaches and Here’s Our Dinner Plan

The image above is not from my dinner table but it contains all the necessary items for a decent Thanksgiving meal, in my humble opinion. My son smokes the turkey on the grill. He just bought his favorite Jack Daniels Wood Smoking Chips which are made from old oak barrels that once held whiskey. The […]

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cranberry sauce

Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Because I took ideas from more than one recipe, I need to write it down here.  Thanksgiving Day 2016 was spent in Florida, in my new home, with my two sons. Because I didn’t have any cranberry sauce, but I had a bag of fresh cranberries, I made my own sauce.  Here’s how I did […]

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My Thanksgiving Day 2016

I have to write about my Thanksgiving Day so next year I will remember what I cooked and how it turned out.  Because this year I did a couple of things differently and I want to do them again! First, my son smoked a turkey.  He took care of the bird, and it came out […]

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Making Turkey Stock For Gravy and Stuffing

I tried something new Thanksgiving Day 2016 and added loads of flavor to the meal. I used all the inside stuff from the turkey – the neck, kidneys, etc – not the liver, throw it away (that’s what recipes said). Brown all that stuff in oil in a large pan for 5 minutes. While it’s […]

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